Benedict Biscop CE Academy is part of Northern Lights Learning Trust, an exempt charity. It is a company registered in England and Wales under the company registration number 07909140.

Registered office address Marcross Drive, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear SR3 2RE





“Pupils collaboration skills are of the highest order.....” (Ofsted 2012)



Your co-operation in ensuring regular attendance and punctuality is essential. Attendance at school is crucial to your child’s education and development. Should your child be absent from school for any reason it is your duty to contact the Academy stating the reason for absence before 9.30 am on the first day of absence. If we do not receive a call to inform us that your child is absent, the school administrator will telephone you to ensure your child is safe and has not wandered off on their route to school.


Key points to remember


Whilst it is right that the Academy recognises that some children and families may have occasional problems, the aim of us all is to expect regular attendance.


Lateness is actively discouraged - it is disruptive for your child and the other children in class.


Only explanations for absence will be illness, medical appointments or exceptional family circumstances.


The Academy operates a first day contact policy. The Academy will make every effort to contact parents on the first day of absence. This also provides reassurance for parents that children have arrived safely at school.


A note explaining absence is essential on return to school.


Each half term the school administrator prints each child’s attendance as a percentage and this is monitored by the Headteacher and Department for Education.


There is a staged process where attendance falls below 95%.


Attendance is reviewed daily to ensure children are in school. There is a more formal tracking of attendance every half term.


The Department for Education has ruled that Headteachers are no longer able to grant any absence during term time except under "exceptional circumstances and therefore the Academy will not agree to a family holiday during term time. A week missed in school, amounts to approximately 6 hours per day, 30 hours per week. This is a tremendous amount of missed learning opportunity not only academically but socially and emotionally.


Occasionally children will need leave of absence to attend events which occur infrequently (e.g. observance of a religious event, a wedding of a parent, a funeral, a parent returning from Armed service or an examination), parents need to apply in writing and each application will  need to be considered on its merits and the Academy may consider it as an authorised absence. Please see the Academy Attendance policy for more details.



Rewards & Sanctions

We believe that a partnership with parents/carers is essential in promoting high standards of work and behaviour amongst children and we will keep parents regularly informed about their child’s progress. 

We also believe that high standards of work and behaviour should be encouraged through a system of rewards for our children. We look for every opportunity to celebrate success and achievement, rewarding good behaviour, high attendance, effort, progress, academic achievement and many other areas of attainment. Children receive “Happy Certificates” and “Gold Certificates” (which they bring home) and are entered in the roll of honour book throughout the week. This is celebrated as a whole school, during community Friday school worship. We have “house teams”, which encourage the children to develop a team identity through a collaborative approach. 

Behaviour in school is exemplary.”(Ofsted 2012) There are excellent role models and clear expectations which encourages children to behave well. The school has a system of consequences for children who choose to behave in an unacceptable way. We use the language of choice to encourage the children to understand that they are responsible for their own actions and the impact this has on other children in the school.

Where there are concerns about any child’s effort or behaviour we contact parents/carers as soon as possible, to work together to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


“Children thrive on challenge and excitement in their learning.” (Ofsted 2012)



The aim of the Academy is to create a system which is fair and consistent and which establishes a safe, orderly, positive environment in which both children and staff may flourish - so that children and teachers can learn together. We encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions which take account of mutual respect, good manners, consideration for others and acceptable speech so that children achieve self discipline based on common sense. “Behaviour is courteous and thoughtful, showing a real awareness of the needs and rights of others.” (Ofsted 2012)

We are a Rights Respecting School (UNICEF) and promote Restorative Practice which enables us to become citizens for the future, with strong sense of personal wellbeing.


These are the rights we have in our Academy:


Pupil’s right to learn

Teacher’s right to teach

Everybody’s right to safety (physical and psychological)

Everybody’s right to dignity and respect


In order to uphold these rights the children have negotiated the following rules:


Treat everyone with respect.

Be polite in all situations and never hurt others feelings with your words or actions. Handle equipmenr carefully and value our resources.

Always do your best.

Feel proud of yourself at all times and try your hardest, even if you find something diffcult in and outside of the classroom. Be organised, be on time and be here.

Move around our school safely.

Walk sensibly and calmly in school. Have fun at playtimes but be considerate towards others and use self control.

Make sensible choices.

Take responsibilit for your own actions and think before you act or react.

Follow instructions at all times

When you are in school or on school visits, willingly do as you are asked by an adult, when you are asked to do it. 

In every classroom, the children negotiate their own rules, which all children are expected to follow.

The rewards children can expect when they display high standards of behaviour and the consequences which may arise if they choose not to follow the rules, are shared with all children and are outlined below.


Positive recognition

We aim to praise good behaviour and reward children accordingly.



Roll of Honour book

“Happy” book in which achievement is recorded

Certificates (“Happy” and Gold)

End of term treats

Displays of work

Extra playtime


The continual positive reinforcement all day, every day, gives the child the extra esteem and motivates him/her to choose good rather than bad behaviour.

The consequences of choosing not to follow the Academy/class rules are clearly shared with the children and all staff follow the same system to ensure continuity and reinforce the same message.


If a child chooses not to follow rules, the child must accept the consequences of their action. This is a life skill and is crucially important to healthy development.


First/second verbal warning

Stay behind at end of lesson to discuss with teacher

Loss of playtime

Withdrawal of privileges

Discuss behaviour with deputy head teacher/head teacher

Behaviour referral

Exclusions (fixed term or permanent)

At any point a letter may be sent home, to keep parents fully informed.

If a child persistently misbehaves, causing regular low level disruption, or there is a serious case of misconduct then parents are informed. We hope that through our home/school partnership we are able to support your child together.


Pupil Voice - School Council

The 4 House Captains lead the School Council. Each class elects two children to be councillors, promoting democracy. The School Council meets regularly to discuss suggestions and give views on issues raised by the children. The Academy encourages the children to be respectful, responsible citizens and encourages them to debate, seek advice and make decisions which affect their school, based on common sense and a desire to improve their school for everyone. They are an awesome voice and represent the Academy on many occasions. 



Academy houses

The Academy runs a house system. Each House has a Captain who applies and is interviewed by staff, pupils and governors and who has an exemplary attutude to school life. All children are allocated to one of four houses:


         Aidan                 Yellow

         Bede                  Blue

         Caedmon           Green

         Cuthbert             Red


House points can be awarded for good work and behaviour. We identify teams during sports day. The number of points awarded to each house is totalled up and a cup is awarded.


Pastoral care

At Benedict Biscop CE Academy we are all members of a close family. By virtue of the Academy’s ethos and organisation close relationships develop between teachers and the children in their care and this may be enhanced by the quality of home/school partnership. Everyone has a responsibility to nurture and develop the “whole child”. Everyone has a right to be valued and feel respected. If you become aware that circumstances change and your child feels vulnerable please contact your child’s class teacher or head teacher as this will affect their learning and emotional well being.


Safeguarding (child protection)

Parents should be aware that the Academy will take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of its pupils. In cases where the Academy has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, staff have no alternative but to follow the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board procedures and inform Children’s Services of their concern. We aim to work closely with parents and external services to ensure our children have the best life chances.

Designated Safeguarding Leads:     Executive Principal: Paula Thompson                      Head of School: Sarah Armstrong

                                                    Assistant Head of School: Gemma Clark                   Assistant Head of School: Rachael Hunt

                          Foundation Stage Leader: Emma Whelam-Tate        Assistant SENDCo: Lorraine Norton

Designated Governor:  Chair: Rev. Dave Tolhurst

On occasions parents may disagree about the care of their child and the school unwittingly is placed in a difficult situation in the middle. Parents need to be aware that in this circumstance the police will be called to school to resolve the matter, if parents cannot do so reasonably.

Operation Encompass - We are an Operation Encompass school, this means we work closely with the police for the protection of our children.

 Safeguarding staff

Everyone in school values the partnership between home/school as where relationships are positive the child benefits by developing securely and confidently.

However, parents should be aware that if, on the very rare occasion, this relationship breaks down and parents become abusive or aggressive the school will take every step to protect its staff. Parents who cannot follow our safety policy, will no longer be welcome on our premises, until the situation has been resolved and procedures have been put in place.



We take firm measures to ensure that all our staff, children and visitors to the Academy can be sure that the school is safe and secure. “Discrimination in any form is not tolerated.” (Ofsted 2012)

The Governors have developed a wide range of procedures for reporting and dealing with bullying in all its forms. The School Council have defined bullying and have developed further steps to enable children to support each other. They have achieved Platinum Charter Mark in recognition of their work. We expect the support of all parents in keeping the school safe and secure. The Academy works closely with the local community police. Cyberbullying, racist and homophobic bullying are tackled through curriculum activities with support for parents. In this way, we aim to ensure our youngsters learn to protect themselves and adopt safe practices.