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Parent Information

Contact Names & Telephone Numbers

All parents will be asked to give their daytime telephone contact numbers and for the names of other people who can take responsibility for their child when they are not available or in the case of an emergency. Only these people will be contacted in such circumstances. It is very important that parents let us know of any change of address or new telephone number. A password may be required.


Several staff are able to administer medication under very strict guidelines. This is to protect everyone and also means that all children can be included in activities where medication is necessary. Please ask for a medication leaflet from the school administration office.

First Aid

First aid will be administered to all minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. The Academy has several qualified first aiders. We give all children a bump sticker and a short note to take home to alert parents that minor first aid has been administered. In cases of more serious illness or accident at school, parents will be informed as soon as possible. It is vital that parents provide us with emergency telephone numbers for this purpose. It is also crucial that parents provide information about specific medical conditions that may affect your child whilst in school, to ensure we provide excellent care for your child.


The school is committed to the protection and safety of its pupils and staff. We have designated safeguarding leads. We are an Operation Encompass school and work closely with Children's Services, for the welfare of our pupils.

Taking Children Out of School during the Day

If children are to be taken out of the Academy during the day, parent/carers are asked to call at the school office, the school administrator will bring your child from the classroom. You will be asked to sign your child out of school, stating the time and reason. If the child is to be collected by an adult other than the parent, the school must be given the name of the person in advance, to ensure our children are safe at all times. A password will be asked for.

Visitors to School

All visitors are asked to report to the school office. If parents would like to speak to class teachers, please go to the school office first. The school administrator will inform the class teacher of your arrival. Please do not enter the school through the children’s entrances. This protects your children whilst in school and yourselves, in the event of a fire.

Visitors, other than parents collecting children, will be asked to sign in and wear an identification badge for the duration of their visit.

Parents/Teachers/Friends Association of Benedict Biscop C.E. Academy [PTFA]

The Academy is very proud of this association which not only raises money to enable us to enhance the education of the children at Benedict Biscop Church of England Academy but also provides social events for children and parents. The group is always eager to recruit new members and it hopes you will support them in the events they organise.

Charging Policy

By law, no school can make a charge for:

Charges may be made for the following:

The Academy Governors have decided that, in general, charges will only ever be made for a school activity if this is the only way to guarantee the event takes place. This is most likely to apply to some trips and excursions. Voluntary contributions will be requested for such events. We will always inform parents at the outset, and assist parents who have genuine difficulty in paying.

This is a brief summary of a complex area. A full copy of the Academy's charging policy is available from the Academy main office or the policies section of our webiste which can be found here.

Compliments, Comments and Complaints

We are very keen to listen to other views on the service we provide and we would encourage you to  email any comments into school and  tell us how we are doing. We hope to be able to resolve any complaints that parents may have. In the first instance complaints should normally be made to the Headteacher, and in most cases we find that complaints can be dealt with successfully at this informal level. A copy of the complaints procedure is available from the school office and on our website which can be found here.

Our policy on making information available to parents and others  (Freedom of Information)

By law, Academies must make certain information available for viewing by parents or members of the public. All the documents listed below are available for viewing at the school or on our website.


We send out an annual questionnaire to all parents/carers, usually in the spring term. The information provided helps us to make decisions about future developments. Parents are actively encouraged to share their views with the Academy Governors. The results are made known to parents following analysis of the data. This consultation leads to improved practice and provision for our children and families.

Personal Belongings

Your child is encouraged to take responsibility for their personal belongings. Everything your child brings into school - i.e. bags, clothes, books - should be clearly marked with your child’s name. If you forget to label a child’s possessions then we reserve the right to write a child’s name on their property, to avoid spending unnecessary time sorting out personal belongings during valuable school time.

We operate a lost property system which you are encouraged to call in and check.