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School Meals & Lunchtime

The balanced, healthy meals are cooked on the premises and the majority of our children stay for a cooked meal. Children are encouraged to try a range of foods, with salad and fresh fruit being freely available every day. In the Foundation Stage, children remain within the unit and dine together with the staff. Funding is received for all children in KS1 to receive a hot universal infant free school meal, (UIFSM). Children in KS2 may bring a healthy packed lunch.

The children are cared for by a team of mid-day supervisory assistants and teaching assistants. They socialise and play together on the playgrounds, fields and play areas. There is plenty of practical equipment provided to encourage our children to be active. We have a lunch time sports coach providing a range of multi-skills activities and sports for our pupils throughout the lunchtime period – this encourages healthy wellbeing.

Dinner money should be paid for on the electronic payment system, School Money. This should be paid in advance.

If you think that your child may be eligible to a free school meal, you can obtain further information and apply though Sunderland Local Authority here:
It is essential that you do this, as this will bring additional monies into the Academy for your child.

At Benedict Biscop CE Academy, we strongly believe that children need to be safe and healthy. We provide the children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 with fruit each day, to promote a healthy diet. We provide water bottles and water coolers. Research has indicated that water does have a positive effect on children’s behaviour and learning ability.

All children in Foundation stage receive milk daily in a government funded scheme.

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